Biography (eng)

Name: Katrin Mueller
ArtistName: Kat Madleine
B-Day: 10. April
Hometown: Heilbronn / south germany
Hight: 1.78 m (5`10)
Eyes: blue-green

Kat startet singing by the age of 4 years.
Some years later she bagan to dance Jazz-ballett and got a lot of little gigs. Over 8 years she was a part of the group till she changed the classes to take part in school musicals and doing Jazz Dance.
„Ritter Rost“ and „Ritter Rost und die Hexe Versteckse“ became her first Musical experiences.
Next to school and the Musical work, she went into a new dance lesson for Videoclip Dancing.
At the age of 13 she started writing lyrics.
Kat became one of the best dancer in the classes. Joined workshops from professional dance teachers like Dee! (Detlef Dee Soost).

She took part in a Karaoke Competition of RTL with Madonnas Song „Holiday“ and made Number 1. She began writing her own melodies and music. Recorded in her little Homestudio. Now over 300 lyrics are her own and created 3 LP´s under the artistname Kat Madleine. „Just me“ 2001-2002 , „The First“- 2003-2004 and „A declaration of Love“ 2005-2006.
2009 she recorded a new LP with Jörg Fiedler as Ghost of Delight. The LP was called „When Karma meets Mercy“ and was finished in december 2009. Also Kat was working with a lot of good and professional vocal coaches. Just like the Vocal Family from Stuttgart.

Kat was visiting a lot of Seminares of the popular School „Popakademie“ in Mannheim, which was created by one of the most famous german singers „Xavier Naidoo“, for learning how the music industry is working.
In 2002 Kat and a friend founded a Music Magazin which was called „Konzert-Welt“, later their ways start to get seperated and she founded her own Magazin called „Musicacts-live“.
She got in contact with a lot of great musicans like the Backstreet Boys, Usher, Natural, The Rasmus and so many more. For writing articles about the concerts and doing some interviews!
Also she joined serval official german Press clubs (JP|RP, JP|HH).

She began to design Homepages like:
Her official Homepage (
Her Magazin (
A Homepage for a fotostudio, some fan sites, a Label site, Interior HP…..

In 2005, Kat was working on a self written musical of Ms. Lisa Möndel. It was called „Mein Freund der Nazi“. A very criticism part about the history, the present of the community. For this musical she was working on the music, choreographies and worked as casting Director.

But whats life.. if you can´t prove it? So she joined some Castings like „DSDS“, „Popstars“ and „Tarzan und Jane“. Never with an thought for winning- Only for woking on herself and getting feedback.

In 2006 she took part in promoting Benjamin Bledsoe on his Solo Promo Tour through germany. Getting him back again in the german business after his Boyband natural was splitted.
Also in 2007 she supported other artists and bands and so she became one of the heads for the Fanclub of the international known band Lexington Bridge. Working in Department South.

Some other projects got into life. The band „Farytale“ was founded. -Kat as a member next to Sarah and Lin, produced by Mr. Adrian Richling from Richling Records (Stuttgart).
But Kat got always the time to work on her own thing through it all. She recorded some new songs with Mr. Matt Eightman from the Label „Last Forever Music“ (Hannover/Cologne).
2007 the new girlband „Je suis tres folle!“ was founded. Kat and a very sweet french girl called Melodia created songs together and were singing at some events like „Happy Family“ in Mannheim.

In August 2008 she joined the famous Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama and started the education as a Entertainer which she finished 2010.
June 2009 she released a Song called „Time to go“ which was created by her, Matt Eightman and the ForMel Dj Team! The single hit the TOP 12 in Downloadcharts!
Also she was working as actress in a Videoclip Shooting from the band „Schein feat. Roberto Blanco“- Spiel die Funkmusik. (

During and after the Stage School she was working as a model and took part in the Master classes of the Musical „Highschool Musical“ and the Dance Masterclass of Dax O`Callaghan. After the Stage School she visited the Musical School Stage Art for a Workshop in singing, dancing and acting. In 2010 she moved from Hamburg to Heilbronn and became a member of the Hungary choir.
In spring 2012 she started working as Eventmanager at MAX Events for Shows and Dair, she also started studies at the University Heidelberg in musicology which will be finished 2015. After some new Model jobs she became a freelance journalist at the newspaper Heilbronner Stimme.
In 2014 she was working primary for Musicacts-live.

2015 started with serval music productions (Songwriting, Melody) for the Label Last Forever Music. Im march she took part in the movie production „Haus ohne Dach“ by Soleen Yusef.
2017 she joined the Model Acgency S-Models Stuttgart/Munich.